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Home Living Garden Design: Landscape Design and Installation


For a entertaining and relaxing view, try to invest to landscaping. You must consider a lot of interesting options when planning to do invest to landscaping whether if you want it at your back yard, front yard or the entire piece of land. In the backyard you can create a good space for entertaining friends and family gathering complete with an outdoor kitchen, fire feature, pool and more, or you could also create a beautiful garden that allows you to relax and reflect. You may want to have an eco-friendly garden in your front yard and curb appeal with a beautiful walkway. Please  use the following information below to start determining what you want in your new landscape.


If you are looking for a modern design for your garden, you may want to know the modern plants so you can achieve a bold and beautiful garden. Try Yucca, which is a sword like foliage that creates a living sculpture. You may want to have a touch of boldness and exotic look in your garden with alocasia and canna. Aenium on the other hand provides organic geometry of succulents which is fascinating and seems particularly at home in contemporary settings.


In order to create a more relaxing outdoor retreat, Landscaping Golden CO designers incorporate fire to their landscapes. You may want to put this fire feature furnishing if you are thinking coziness and warmth as the days begin to get shorter and cooler. Fire elements are placed on landscapes and a fire pit should not be built downslope and nothing flammable should come close to overhanging areas especially with gas-fueled designs.


To keep your garden from being crowded, a built-in seat in a corner can be done. Diving the small garden into even small ones creates a paradoxical effect on it making it seem larger as normal. You can create series of mini views within the garden itself, and by offering interest in every direction while using plants to provide a framework. To create a larger effect, you can divide your garden into outdoor rooms. For you to be able to mingle with your friends or family at the center of your small garden, better put the furniture and plantings at the perimeter of your garden. Do not go color crazy when selecting plants for a relatively small space and stick with a monochromatic scheme of cooler colors such as blues, yellows and silvery greens. So you can use your yard at night, do not forget lighting.


If you are looking for a kitchen outside your home, with a grill in an ample counter space and a deep sink, consult a professional Landscape Design Golden CO artist to design the one best for you.